Bulletin for Sunday, January 24, 2016

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ANNOUNCEMENTS for Sunday, January 24, 2016

ATTENTION ALL LADIES OF CLOVERDALE URC: Please join us on Saturday, January 30 from 2-4PM at the church kitchen for a kitchen shower in celebration of Miss Kitch Orange becoming Mrs. Kitch Alabaster. Let us help accessorize her vibrant modern new look! No gift is too large or too small. Mrs. Alabaster is registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target under the name “Cloverdale URC Kitchen.” For consistency and efficiency, we would appreciate if all items were purchased off the registry and brought unwrapped and unnamed to the shower. Gift cards are always welcome too. Cash donations are also encouraged to purchase items not found on the registry, and any checks can be written to CURC Building Fund. Talk to Sue Pastoor or Carrie Vander Stelt with questions.

CADET SUNDAY: This morning we celebrate Cadet Sunday. The Cadets will help lead us in worship by showing us how they begin each of their Wednesday meetings. We are thankful for each counselor who so willingly gives of his time to minister to our boys through Cadets!

FEBRUARY CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Rhea will be printing the February calendar of church events/birthdays this week, so if you have anything you would like included, please email the dates to the church office by Tuesday, January 26.

YOUTH GROUP will meet today at 4:30PM. We will discuss chapter 7, and Lily Brandsma will provide snacks.

YOUTH GROUP MOVIE NIGHT: This Saturday, January 30 at 6PM, Youth Group will meet at the home of Henry & Carrie Vander Stelt to watch the movie “Woodlawn” & enjoy a bake potato bar for dinner. Please RSVP to Rachel or Rhea, and feel free to bring friends!

*Al Noyes was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, so keep AL & Marita in prayer as they work with the doctors to determine the best treatment plan.

*Continue to pray for Dave Howerzyl as he goes through radiation treatments.

Please put these important dates of upcoming events at Cloverdale on your calendars, and then watch the bulletin for more information:
Jan 30 Church Kitchen Shower, 2-4PM
Jan 30 Youth Group Movie Night

ATTENTION BAKERS! Our Love INC annual fundraiser and dessert auction is just 6 weeks away! We need your talents to help supply 60 delectable delights to bid on. Sign up to donate a dessert with Nancy at boiseloveinc.office@gmail.com or 208-377-3502 ext 3. And mark your calendars to attend The Calling the Final Friday in February! You can find more details on our website; www.boiseloveinc.org


Today Henry & Carrie Vander Stelt
Jan 31 Doug & Nancy Rotman
Feb 7 Mike & Lisa Byce

Today Glenn & Rhea Vander Woude
Jan 31 Tom & Cindy Ferch
Feb 7 Curtis & Cindy De Vries

Today Mel & Marilee Landers
Jan 31 Rose VS, Lynda Miedema
Feb 7 Herm & Margaret Roest

Renae Bieri, Jeni Brandsma, Brandie Cooper, Laura Herman, Nikky Howerzyl

Ministry of Music Contacts: Kim/Deb/Sue
Today AM: O: S. Cooke
P: Kim VG
PM: Kim VG
Jan 31 AM: O: S. Wigboldy
P: S. Cooke
PM: D. deJong
Feb 7 AM: P: S. Cooke
O: Kim VG
PM: S. Wigboldy

January Contact: Lynda Miedema

Today AM: Amanda Tuscany, Renae Bieri
PM: Joanie Arendse
Jan 31 AM: Bernice Cooper, Ashley Cooper
PM: Laura, Anna, Lydia Herman
Feb 7 AM: Brooke Vander Stelt, Olivia Groen
PM: Jeni & Lily Brandsma

Today Glenn VW, Trenton Ribbens
Jan 31 Matt Cooper. Sean Cooper
Feb 7 Ryan Kroes, Nate Stenquist

Jan: Trenton Ribbens
Feb: Henry Vander Stelt

Today Bill Pastoor
Jan 31 Terry Ribbens
Feb 7 Bruce Cooper

Today Bill Pastoor
Jan 31 Dan Van Grouw
Feb 7 Bruce Cooper

SUN: 9:30AM Morning Worship Service
11:00AM Sunday School/Catechism
11:00AM New Member’s Class
4:30PM Youth Group
6:00PM Evening Worship Service
TUE: 9:30AM Ladies’ Bible Study
WED: 6:45PM GEMS (Snacks: Anna Cooke/Avery Bieri)
6:45PM Cadets (Snacks: Lukas Ferch)
FRI: 6:15AM Men’s Book Study
SAT: 2-4PM Church Kitchen Shower
6:00PM Youth Group Movie Night

Deacon’s Report for January 17, 2016
General Fund: $2,889.43
Benevolence: $835.26

Today’s Offering
General Fund: Money collected goes toward the day-to-day operations and expenses of this church.
Cadets: Money collected is used to help fund the monthly supplies/events for our CURC Cadet group and also to support the nationwide Cadet organization.

Next Week’s Offering: Building Fund

Thank You Letter from New Covenant URC
To the Churches of Classis Pacific Northwest
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Greetings! How do we begin to say thank you for your very generous support for the purchase of a church building? We had asked that you might give us $30,000; instead you have given us nearly $70,000! You have greatly exceeded our expectations and hopes. Because of your assistance we have been able not only to purchase our own building, but also to set aside money for the purchase of church furniture and for much needed renovations. Our immediate concern had been to simply acquire the building, but God, in his providence, has enabled us to have on hand the funds that will be needed to move in.
The building is presently rented out to a private school, which has a contract that expires June 2017. This definitely made us carefully consider whether it was worth it to purchase a building we may not be free to use for a year and a half. From the counsel we received and with the doors God opened, it became clear that God was leading us to proceed with the purchase of the building. If the school finds a new place they may be out as early as this summer. Please join us in praying that God would allow us to have the use of our new building this summer.
We praise God on account of you and rejoice in your demonstration of love and care for us. Your gift is more than a gift of money. It is truly a gift of encouragement and a sign of God’s favor upon us. Paul rejoiced in the grace of God given among the churches of Macedonia by which they gave with joy and beyond their means; their giving “overflowed in a wealth of generosity” (2 Cor. 8:2). We rejoice in the grace of God given you to bless us in this manner and we pray that you might truly have the greater blessing which Jesus spoke of when he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). May your love and care for us return into your lap with blessing upon blessing. And may the Lord of the church be pleased to make the light of the glory of Christ shine ever so brightly from our congregation and yours. To God be the glory in Christ Jesus!
The consistory and congregation of New Covenant United Reformed Church